Phosphoric Acid: A Highly Hyped Chemical

ic Acid in SodaWhether one knows it or not, it is likely that they have ingested massive amounts of phosphoric acid during their lifetime. Phosphoric acid is actually a very widely-used chemical. How wide? Well, almost every bottle or can of soda that a person has ever touched has had large amounts of the stuff in it. Its use is prevalent in the manufacturing fields where it is used as a preservative.

The purpose of this article is to discuss what phosphoric acid is capable of and whether or not one should be worried about their intake of it.

What can it do?

First off, an individual should never have any reason to want to have phosphoric acid. It is a product that is only used in the industrial, medical, and agricultural fields, and it has no benefits that can be obtained on a personal level. In other words, no one would want to drink phosphoric acid directly or apply it to their skin. After all, it is an acid, so it burns. It does not have any real health benefits.

However, phosphoric acid does help to add that wonderful zing to many of one’s soft drinks and foods. So, should a person be concerned about how much phosphoric acid they are taking in? Not really. Reports have indicated that, even if a person drinks a large amount of soda on a daily basis, they will still be getting most of their phosphoric acid from the foods that they are eating. Many different kinds of meats and fish have a fair deal of phosphoric acid inside of them.

Usually, consuming small amounts over individual sittings will not harm an individual during his or her lifetime. Still, it may be wise to try and steer away from all of the soda options that are available today. Some studies have shown that phosphoric acid can lessen the strength of one’s bones, but another study (which was done by a soda company) showed that it actually increases the strength of one’s bones.

Regardless of whether or not phosphoric acid is truly good or bad for you, the foods and drinks that it usually accompanies are not good for a person. Soda is loaded with massive amounts of sugar and all kinds of byproducts that will wear the body down, thereby making it more susceptible to sickness, lack of energy, and degradation of the organs.

Why would anyone use Phosphoric Acid?

Despite its seemingly negative influence on individuals, phosphoric acid actually has many practical uses in the areas of manufacturing, agriculture, and medicine. Here are just a few of the things that it can do:

  • Phosphoric acid is wonderful for preserving foods over extended periods of time.
  • It can be used as a kind of cleaner, especially with rust which it can effectively take away from a surface.
  • Sometimes, it is used in different types of food to create tart flavoring.
  • Phosphoric acid is capable of whitening teeth by dealing with the buildup of plaque that can occur on one’s teeth over time.

There are also a few more ways that phosphoric acid can be put to use, so we advise the reader to check out the sources at the bottom of the page if they are further interested in finding out how this chemical can be made use of.

All in all, phosphoric acid can be an extremely beneficial when used in industrial ways. However, it is generally dangerous to use on a personal level. So, if a person has been able to get hold of some unrefined phosphoric acid, it is best if they discuss their using it with a professional before they cause some kind of harm that may be irreparable to their person or belongings.